7 Things About Chobani Coffee

Tasty or Nasty?

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Chobani seems to have their hands in a LOT of products lately, but how is the Chobani coffee? Well, with the support of our resident taste tester, you're about to find out. At the bottom of this article is his video review!

Product Line Expansion

Provided you have been paying attention, and an alarming number of people do not, a topic for another time, then you have seen the expansion of product lines everywhere. And Chobani, with their Chobani coffee, and other products, is no exception. 

This includes the bastardization of a good many long-established products, as well as odd, but not always unpleasant, combinations of flavors and brands. A couple great examples of this is Lay's Cool Ranch Doritos Flavor potato chips, and Coca Cola Starlight. 

I get it

I totally get why folks like Red Bull would also introduce special editions, the Red Edition, Peach Edition. Simply put, it adds more cache to an established brand. This branching also pushes back against new and established competition alike, and brings the potential for more repeat customers, many of which may have strayed. It is a brilliant strategy, cost effective, tried and true, and pretty effective. 

However, what Chobani has done, not just with the foray with Chobani coffee, a flavored iced coffee in a carton, is bold. Ballsy. Risky. It is also, however, sensible.

Chobani Product Line Up

You probably already know that Chobani is known for yogurt. specifically, Greek style yogurt. Greek yogurt generally has less sugar, more protein, and a creamier texture than regular yogurt, as the whey is removed from Greek yogurt. 

Additionally, Chobani has yogurt-based treats, such as flips, zero sugar yogurt, yogurt drinks, non-dairy coffee creamers, and dairy based half and Half creams, even oat milk! Add to that list, Chobani coffee. Iced coffee, to be exact. 

Sticking with the dairy theme

As you can see in the video above, despite this being an iced coffee product, the Chobani coffee also has "farm-fresh" milk in it. But is it good?

7 Things about Chobani Coffee

  • It's convenient
  • It's smooth
  • Large sized carton is a plus
  • Reminds me of a Frappuccino
  • Good for summer coffee drinking
  • Relatively expensive
  • It's iced coffee

Iced Coffee

Working backwards, up until about a decade ago I had a deep seated irrational fear/dislike of the very idea of iced coffee. Iced tea, LOVE it, but coffee? Not so much. This is directly related to my grandfather relenting to my begging to try iced coffee at a local diner. He told me I'd hate it. I hated it. This was straight up strong black coffee with a couple ice cubes in it. Nasty.

Iced coffee, however, is an excellent solution to a problem: drinking hot coffee, as God intended, in warm weather and/or climates. Sure, some cultures advocate hot coffee in hot weather. "It cools you down, because makes you sweat more. " Idiocy. That which cools you, to your core, cools your body. That's the whole reason we all drink cold water, soda, beer, etcetera when it's hot out. So, you need your favorite caffeinated beverage, you have it cold. Chobani coffee is meant to be drank cold.

Relatively Expensive

Chobani iced Coffee is relatively expensive. What I mean by that is, compared to a Venti at Starbucks, it is competitively prices, but a much better value. However, so far as perceived value, while holding the carton in my hand, I view it as more costly than it should be. Granted the carton, the art, and printing of the same are all probably more costly to the manufacturer than the actual product itself.

Back to the cold

Would you rather drink an iced cold beverage while standing naked in antarctica? No, you most certainly would not. Likewise, you want something cool and refreshing in summer, am I right?


When you crack open a Frappuccino bottle, you may think you're going to sip it, but well all know what is about to happen: Glug-Fest.
Don't be ashamed of your gluttony, we ALL do it! And the Chobani iced coffee tastes a lot like a frap, it's just a lot larger container.

That container tho

We're talking 72 glorious ounces of smooth deliciousness, that is so very convenient to have in your fridge. However, lugging this big ol' carton is not really practical.


Having left the tester Chobani coffee in the refrigerator for others to try, I was fairly surprised that my coffee drinking daughter hated it as much as I liked it. And here is why, I think she hated it:
Before I bought the iced coffee from Chobani, I had bought a Chobani Oat Milk carton. I like the oat milk better than soy milk, but not as much as real milk. She, on the other hand, very much disliked the oat milk. And there is the disconnect, I think. Associating a brand's product with another of the brand's products. The iced coffee has real dairy milk. By the way, what is fake dairy milk???

She thought it was Oat Milk in the Chobani coffee, so she disliked it as a matter of course.

No worries, I finished it off.

Bonus round: what does Chobani mean?

The word Chobani means "shepherd" in Turkish. after all, the company was founded by a Turkish Kurd man in 2005.

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