What defines gourmet coffee? Where do you get it?

Many food items that are touted as gourmet, but few beverages are touted as such. In fact, gourmet coffee is is the only one that readily comes to mind while writing this article. Gourmet water? Soda? Milk? What about gourmet tea? Maybe one of you out there can enlighten me on this and posit in the comments that which informs.

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The word "Gourmet"

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K Cup Coffee Maker Top 10 Deals and Buys

If you are here, you are looking for a deal on a K Cup coffee maker. Let's face facts, buying a Keurig coffee maker can be a daunting proposition, unless you are made of money. I'm not, and very few people are. Keurig's can be very expensive! However, there are a good many other machines that also brew Keurig K Cups. In other words, you don't have to buy a Keurig machine.

In this article, we'll give a brief run down on Keurig and their machines, then list some alternative machines. Additionally we'll point out some places to find deals. Be aware that any prices we list are vbery likely to change! We are listing as we find them, right now.

Keurig is the K Cup Coffee Maker King 

When it comes to single cup coffee makers,

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Keurig K Cups - Deals - Stores - What Are They

It's been a while since I wrote an article on DelightfulCoffee.com, so I decided to write about something I use every week: Keurig k cups. What are they? Where you can get deals on them? Where to buy K Cups, in other words, and maybe save a buck or two.

I generally like to write my articles in the morning, usually for Friendslr.com, and on the weekends this typing madness is always over a hot mug of coffee from my Keurig machine. I have still been writing articles for our other websites, but just have not had the time to scribble and jot here. Those fans out there may remember that I was not much of a proponent of Keurigs. I mended my ways long ago. Saw the trees through the forest. Learned to love them. Saw the light. Whatever.  However, I'm still not a fan of the cost of K cup coffee pods, which is why I'm pointing you to some good deals a little later in the article. Hey now, this is an article, not a shopping page, lol.

What Are K Cups?

First, for newbies, what are Keurig K Cups? How do they work? I know, if you're on this article you ought to know, but not EVERYONE has a Keurig, and people are researching to see if a Keurig is right for them.

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Coffee Trends

Idle curiosity got the better of me. Today I searched out the term Coffee Trends on Google, and I'm not terribly surprised at what I found. If you look back in time, you'll find that where we were, in the ago, is an excellent road map as to where we are going. This concept applies to almost any historical data, and it applies to coffee too.

Coffee Started Out Where?

Coffee trends Yemeni coffee image
Yemeni coffee

There's a lot of conjecture about where coffee drinking started. Most folks think it was in what is now modern day Yemen. However, there's little disputing that the growing of the coffee plants started in Ethiopia. However, it may have originated in Kenya, or Sudan, but most scholars pinpoint the start to Ethiopia.

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