Coffee Beans Cha Cha Cha

While thinking of a title for this entry I remembered the Western Airlines TV commercial, the one where the cartoon bird, (parrot?) is riding on top of a Western Airlines plane, sitting with his back against the vertical stabilizer (most people would call this the rudder, but the rudder is the movable area at the tail end of the vertical stabilizer) while a steward or stewardess brings him cool things while on his flight. The end of the commercials, which sometimes featured hand made pizza, or a lion tamer for entertainment, or whatever, always ended with "Western Airlines, the only way to fly". It wasn't, and still isn't, but whatever.

One of these commercial had the steward dancing towards the bird passenger (birdssenger?) in a poncho and sombrero, I think, singing "Coffee beans, cha cha cha, coffee beans cha cha cha..." followed by the bird with a cup of delightful coffee and saying his famous line about Western being the only way to fly. That commercial more than any other stuck with me. Gosh, the things I remember. We'll be back to coffee stuff after the jump...

Anyhow, that became the title, and I tried to find a video clip of this commercial but could not, for whatever reason.

Back to coffee now. And coffee beans.

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The Dreaded Caffeine Headache

There isn't much to say here. I got up this morning to a splitting "Lack Of Coffee" caffeine headache so I thought, what the heck, write about it. Well, there is more top the story. I woke up at 5:45 AM, on a Sunday, with the chance at that time to make a pot, or even a cup, of delightful coffee but noped out and went back to bed. M.I.S.T.A.K.E.

We've all been there, regular consumption of coffee or other caffeine enhanced beverages, then we skip the routine, or wake up later than normal and BOOM, caffeine headache. Once I decided I'd think on this phenomena some, and maybe write on it, I decided to google why it happens, since I rarely give caffeine headaches much thought otherwise. Usually I just gobble something down, take a couple ibuprofen and was it all down with steaming black coffee.

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Iced coffee for Warmer Weather

 Today it was well into the 80's where I live and I had a lot to do. The fact that today was the "Spring Forward" time change didn't help matters (why don't they cut that out? Huh? Huh?) as I had basically an hour of my day lost, so an hour less to get it all done.
Smog my car (oh California, you regulate everything), get a hair cut before the hair cutting place got crazy busy (which leads to another post on another site later), drop by the store to get stuff, do laundry, and finally take care of the yard I have been neglecting for far too long. Not my fault, we've had weeks of rain each time I have wanted to mow, edge, weed and fertilize it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

As I typically do, I waited to start the yard work until the day was at its hottest, and I was low on the concoction of life giving wonderfulness, delightful coffee.

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Drive Through Coffee or Make At Home?

I'm always amazed, astounded really, when I drive past a coffee joint with a drive through and see dozens of cars lines up, idling, waiting to place or pick up their order. Of course largely I'm speaking of Starbucks, the heavyweight champion of the world as far as coffee purveyors with drive through windows.
Now don't get me wrong, I do not begrudge Starbucks success, they were likely inspired in their founding by my great aunts' Ella And Nora's Coffee Tea and Spice store in Pikes Place in the 1950's. My father worked for my aunts as well for a time. Interestingly the first Starbucks, also in Pikes Place, had coffee, tea, spices, also sold in bulk.

Maybe it is due to the 10+ years I lived in Claremont, California, and the fact that up until I moved away drive thrus of all kinds were banned in order to reduce smog, urban craziness, unsightly messiness, what have you. Drive through Mc Donalds? Next city over. Claremont had other rules too in order to raise the bar and control the city, such as no overnight street parking, but that is a blog post for another blog on another day.

Back to my coffee amazement.

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