Wilkins Coffee Muppet's

Even the Muppet's are, or were, coffee fiends!

Apparently, before the Muppet's became the Muppet's on the famed Sesame Street, and long before they were featured in films and the like, Jim Henson had the puppets starring in commercials, as the Wilkins Coffee Muppet's.

In this video clip are a few of many clips from Wilkins Instant Coffee featuring an early Kermit the Frog, and a sort of prototype mash of the cookie monster and Oscar the grouch. At least that is my guess. I guess Mr. Henson needed to make a buck, like we all do.


Not Surprising

I suppose the long view of the early Muppet's being violent ought not be overly surprising, especially Kermit. I suspect all people whom are overly friendly or boisterous of being closeted serial killers. Because, really, the devil doesn't come to you all rage filled, he beguiles you. Ted Bundy didn't come after women howling, he played nice, won their confidence in many cases, THEN turned into a killer.
Kermit the coffee fiend though...

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Forto Coffee Shots - What Are They?

Walking around through various stores, if you have been paying attention, you may have seen Forto coffee shots on the shelves. Apparently I have not been paying close attention, as these little things just came to my attention last week, at my local Walgreen's. Reading up, I see that they are available at a lot of places, apparently, like Walmart, Ralph's, Amazon.com, even, oddly, advertised at Keurig.com. You can also find these coffee shots at their own website, Fortocoffee.com

Forto Coffee Shot image of three forto containers

What are they?

From what I can tell, it looks like Forto Coffee is positioning itself as an alternative to products like 5 hour energy. Or, maybe Monster, or, maybe Redbull. However, this is not a concoction of synthetic caffeine, taurine and b vitamins, like Redbull. So, what's the difference?
Well, here we go: Forto coffee is mostly just a little itty bitty coffee. Cold brewed coffee, yes. Added caffeine coffee, yes. It’s like a cold, small espresso, in a way. These coffee things come in a, well, sort of like a tall Keurig coffee, erm, pod, that is really tall. You don't brew these 2 ounce small sippy pods. They are already filled with liquid. No, you pretty much drink it like a shot of tequila.

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Coffee Community - Social Network

You love coffee, we love coffee, everyone loves coffee, hence why we created Delightfulcoffee.com. However, DelightfulCoffee is more than just coffee articles and cute images, it is a coffee community too! Or, a coffee social network, if you like. In other words, it is a place where you can interact with other coffee lovers from all over the world in a coffee-centric environment. You can find it in the menus under Community, and at:

What does this social network cost?

Coffee Community

Nothing. It's free to use! Post, like, make friends, share your coffee making techniques, whatever! Got a killer concoction, share it! Fave shop you frequent? Share it! It's a coffee community. Are you a small roaster? Advertise your product. It will appear in your feed, and the feeds of friends too. Want wide exposure, buy an ad.

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Keurig Coffee Pods vs Pot Coffee

Okay, I admit it, I have purchased my first Keurig coffee machine. So here we'll look at the cost difference between Keurig coffee pods, and regular pot coffee, as well as some alternatives.

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