Wilkins Coffee Muppet's

Even the Muppet's are, or were, coffee fiends!

Apparently, before the Muppet's became the Muppet's on the famed Sesame Street, and long before they were featured in films and the like, Jim Henson had the puppets starring in commercials, as the Wilkins Coffee Muppet's.

In this video clip are a few of many clips from Wilkins Instant Coffee featuring an early Kermit the Frog, and a sort of prototype mash of the cookie monster and Oscar the grouch. At least that is my guess. I guess Mr. Henson needed to make a buck, like we all do.


Not Surprising

I suppose the long view of the early Muppet's being violent ought not be overly surprising, especially Kermit. I suspect all people whom are overly friendly or boisterous of being closeted serial killers. Because, really, the devil doesn't come to you all rage filled, he beguiles you. Ted Bundy didn't come after women howling, he played nice, won their confidence in many cases, THEN turned into a killer.
Kermit the coffee fiend though...

Wilkins Coffee Muppet's Kermit Violent image of Kermit the frog selling pork chops


I never thought about Kermit the Frog being a murderous coffee fanatic, that is, until I saw some of the old Wilkins Coffee Muppet's commercials, that aired between 1957 and 1961. See this page for more on that...

I mean, seriously, they are every bit as violent as kids cartoons of the time, maybe more so. In the cartoons, you knew it was drawn guns, anvils, explosives, canons. In some of the Wilkins Coffee Muppet's commercials the action is like, with real props doing the pretend damage! All I'm going to say is I'm glad the Muppet's got their act together. I mean, can you imagine Sesame Street with drive by shootings? I can't.



Alternative Wilkins Coffee Muppet's commercials

Okay, I'm sure that one of the brainiacs who put together these commercials for this coffee, Wilkins, that I never heard of had to have thought of this, but perhaps not:

It would have been more plausible, and logical, and maybe a better selling point, to have the upbeat Kermit, as he is portrayed, as the Wilkins coffee drinking murder victim. The grouchy guy who doesn't drink it being the crazy, deranged, and erratic psychopath.

Then again, would you want your product's selling point being a murder victim?

On Wilkins coffee...

I had not even heard of Wilkins Coffee until today. Apparently it was an regional (Washington D.C.) instant coffee, much like Folgers, etc. It must not have been all that, though, as it does not even have a Wikipedia page dedicated to it. Searching google, all I could really find out about it is that the product was acquired by Maxwell House coffee. A sad end indeed.

Going back to the purpose of the ads, maybe it was genius after all. Here we are experiencing the ads, and by extension, the product, some almost 60 years after they last aired?

All hail Psycho Kermit!

Ren and Stimpy as coffee mascots like Wilkins coffee Muppets for Delightful coffee?

Now, maybe we at https://Delightfulcoffee.com ought to hire Ren and Stimpy as mascots. If ever there were characters made with obvious stimulant issues, it's them two fellers.

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