Delightful Coffee Post 1

Hello, and welcome to Delightful

We are coffee fiends, coffee addicts, coffee opportunists, folks who love delightful coffee, and in a pinch frightful coffee, and we are generally coffee lovers.

I purchased the domain Delightful coffee years ago on ebay i think, for like a dollar, a guy in Utah was selling it, and even though I was a coffee drinker I did not have a whole lot to say about coffee in general, so I created a site, stole (copied) a couple articles, posted them and promptly forgot all about my would be coffee (empire, world) website.
The other day I was thinking of things do do with my domains, which I have pared down in number from 40+ to maybe 20 when I remembered DelightfulCoffee,com. Did I still own it? Yep. What was it doing now? Nothing, I had fired the server company some time ago, so the site was inactive. I swapped the site over to a current server and decided to write my first actual article, one of my own crafting, for this website. I have written a good many things, a book, websites, blog posts for my other properties, but never for this one. So why not?

Back to coffee.
Like many people, my love affair with coffee goes way back to my teen years, experimenting with it on the road with fellow high school students, this with lots of creamer, and tons of sugar. A good 20 years later while working for a vending company who cooked their own beans I rediscovered my love of coffee, again with lots of added stuff, and have been for many years a coffee guzzler, for lack of a better term.

This opening post is going to be short and sweet, as I don't want to post huge posts here that take days to read, but rather posts that state, explain, sing odes to, promote, and express ever-loving devotion to my favorite beverage, coffee.


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