February is Also for Coffee Lovers!

Right, so February is here, which means Valentines Day, and besides the bawdry aspects, February is also for coffee lovers!

Coffee Lovers Rejoice!

This about it, coffee doesn't judge. Nor does coffee cheat, cheap out on you, coffee is always there! Coffee is always there to give you hot, well, sips, and warm fuzzies. While, yes, coffee can be had any time of year, when it's cold out, and spring has not yet sprung, coffee has your back, always. That dark concoction, which is actually a solution - in more ways that one - warms and touches your souls like few lovers can.

Valentines Traditions Be Darned

Flowers, expensive dinners, dressing up, chocolate, jewelry, all of these are hallmarks of Valentines day, nay, February itself. And while coffee should be automatically included in this group, sadly it is not. Until now!

February is for coffee lovers image of all you need is chocolate and coffee

The video above

I found this terrific product at the local Walgreens, the All you Need is Coffee and Chocolate, a heart shaped box of candy, for about $8.00. In tjhe box were 20 drops of goodness, dark chocolate, caramel filled coffee flavored goodness. Yet, at .40ยข each you may thing that's a bit steep, but seriously, the amount of flavor, coupled with the small sample size, the price is more than fair.

Opening the box on up

As you can see in the image below, there are only 20 slots for the candy to sit in. that's okay though, because each one of these morsels contains coffee flavored dark chocolate, and sweet, stingy sticky caramel.

Inside all you need is coffee and chocolate box february is for coffee

February is for coffee too

So, as Valentines Day approaches, keep in mind that February is for coffee too, even if it's coffee flavored dark chocolate with a gooey caramel center. After all, that sticky goodness is no worse that the stickiness of a relationship gone wrong, after such a great start, right? And coffee will never, ever leave you, forget your birthday, and anyone can have it any time! So celebrate coffee drinkers, and partake!

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