Discover the Delicious Blend of Latin America in McDonald's New McCafe Horchata Latte

Video Summary

This video features a review of McDonald's McCafe Horchata Latte. The host, Bucky, demonstrates how to prepare the latte using an Instant Solo machine, mentioning that it smells like a blend of coffee and chai latte. While he finds the drink enjoyable and could see himself having it every morning, he notes that it lacks a distinct horchata flavor, tasting more of coffee and spices. Bucky also mentions a slight undertone of a 'dirt' flavor, which he surprisingly finds fitting. Despite enjoying the latte, he mentions that it's a bit pricey. The video ends with an invitation for viewers to try the product and share their thoughts.

Video transcript of McCafe's Horchata Latte

Hey guys, Bucky here. McDonald's is getting serious. We got McCafe Horchata Latte. These styles of Latin America. I wonder if they say America too. Creamy horchata, coffee blend with vanilla and spice notes. It says right there McCafe. Oh, I'm looking forward to this. Got my Instant Solo ready to go here. I normally drink coffee from big old sippy cups, but I'm just going to use regular one for this. You can have just a regular cup. Pop it in there. I'm going to go eight ounces. Wow. I honestly don't know how much a normal cup holds. Here comes the deliciousness. Oh yeah. Eight ounces is spot on. Smells kind of like a cross between coffee and one of those chai latte things. I forgot that it's really hot. That's real good all by itself. It could use a tiny bit of sugar in it. Almost an undertone of a dirt flavor. I don't know why that makes sense, but it does to me. I really can't taste the horchata. I taste coffee. I taste spices, but I really like this. I could do this every morning. It's a little pricey. Give it a try. Tell us what you think. If you can find Coffee Memes and Funnies Here! Join Delightful Coffee today, membership is free! Just head to our community page at There you can add your thoughts on our favorite beverage, coffee! Also, if you would like to write an article or five on coffee, we're open to that as well. HMU at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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