Iced coffee for Warmer Weather

 Today it was well into the 80's where I live and I had a lot to do. The fact that today was the "Spring Forward" time change didn't help matters (why don't they cut that out? Huh? Huh?) as I had basically an hour of my day lost, so an hour less to get it all done.
Smog my car (oh California, you regulate everything), get a hair cut before the hair cutting place got crazy busy (which leads to another post on another site later), drop by the store to get stuff, do laundry, and finally take care of the yard I have been neglecting for far too long. Not my fault, we've had weeks of rain each time I have wanted to mow, edge, weed and fertilize it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

As I typically do, I waited to start the yard work until the day was at its hottest, and I was low on the concoction of life giving wonderfulness, delightful coffee.

Oh, I had plenty on hand, and had brewed a-plenty, but didn't have time to sit back and savor it. What to do. Go without and later have a "lack of caffeine headache" or guzzle it down?

Guzzling was not going to be an answer, too hot out for that, and the coffee was likewise too hot. Besides, coffee is a diuretic, meaning that it causes one to loose more of their body water than they normally would via urine. See this link: 
Going out to mow the yard in the high 80's and drinking coffee isn't the best, brightest idea, hot coffee would not slake thirst, satisfy water loss needs, and would simply make me sweat more.

Okay then, decision made, ice the coffee down.

Sure, the diuretic properties remain, but it's cold, refreshing, and it's roughly 50% higher in water content from the ice melting in the cup. I downed about half a pot that way, so refreshing and delightful. Simply fill your cup(I used my commuter cup today) and pour in the hot coffee. It's that simple. However I do not recommend turning off and cooling the coffee beforehand. I don't know why, but it does not seem to keep it's flavor as well.

You can also flavor it to taste, sugar, creamer, whatever. Shoot, make it more delightful by turning it into a sweet and cold treat if you like! You can make yours every bit as good as those $5 things at the huge chain! Below are some recipe links and stuff.

So next time it's hot out and you have your coffee Jones going, consider it cold. Below are some links to jhelp you with this. I drink mine black, but you have have it any way you like!

 From The Pioneer woman:

From All Recipes:

And if you like to spend a lot, this from starbucks: is a website devoted to all things coffee.

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